SEKKISUI Perfect BB Cream N

The power of oriental herbal extracts,
for skin with a snow-like smooth translucency.

Contains coix seed extract, loquat leaf extract, and cnidium rhizome extract.
This 6-in-1 product is a beauty serum, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, base, and foundation for easy and natural beautiful skin. It protects the skin's moisture while providing natural cover for wrinkles and dull skin. It provides protection from UV rays and long-lasting support for skin that is healthy and beautifully translucent.

01 Slightly light natural skin tone
02 Regular natural skin tone


2 shades : 1,012 yen each (tax included) for a 23g tube

The price shown is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Compound beauty formula

  • Coix Seed Extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Loquat Leaf Extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Cnidium rhizome extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Glycerin [Moisturizing agent]
  • Apply cosmetic lotion on skin before using.
  • Apply adequate amount onto fingertips and spread over entire face. Use layers for a more effective covering.
  • If cream gets on clothes, do not use chlorine bleach to wash off.