The power of oriental herbal extracts,
for skin with a snow-like smooth translucency.

Contains coix seed extract, loquat leaf extract, licorice leaf extract, and rose fruit extract.

The strongest*1 skin milk that lasts on the skin. Waterproof and transfer resistant. Prevents wrinkles caused by sunburns and protects clear skin. 70% beauty serum content*2 helps skin stay fresh, youthful, and moisturized. Feels smooth and light on the skin, making it the perfect makeup foundation as well.

*1: UV blocking effects
*2: Emulsion excluding powder and UV-absorbing agent


30mL 770 yen (tax included)

The price shown is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Compound beauty formula

  • Coix Seed Extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Loquat Leaf Extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Licorice Leaf Extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Rose fruit extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Glycerin [Moisturizing agent]
Directions and Warning
  • Shake well before applying, and apply an ample amount evenly over your skin.
  • Use on your face after completing your morning skin care.
  • When using on your body, draw a line from the container directly on your skin and use the palm of your hand to extend it outwards in a circular motion to ensure even coverage.
  • When removing, work your face wash or cleanser into a good lather and then carefully wash off.


Special care
Concentrated Rehydration

Sheet Masks

A sense of complete care. One-sheet moisturization.


Skincare Set
Overnight Set

Convenient sets for leisure or business.