Overnight Serum Pack

The power of oriental herbal extracts,
for skin with a snow-like smooth translucency.

Gives your skin a firm, transparent feel overnight.
Simply apply this serum pack to your face at bedtime to continually charge your skin with moisture as you sleep.
This moisture wrapping formula utilizes a gel containing a wealth of oriental herb extracts to enclose the surface of your skin and securely seal in moisture.
Look forward to clear, transparent skin with a firm, youthful feel the next morning.

Contains 3 single-use packets.396 yen (tax includied)

The price shown is the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Compound beauty formula

  • Coix seed extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Loquat leaf extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Perilla ocymoides leaf extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Poria cocos sclerotium extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Japanese plecranthus extract [Moisturizing agent]
  • Glycerin [Moisturizing agent]
Directions and Warning
  • After your regular evening skin care, apply the contents of one packet to your face and work it well into your skin. Then go to sleep with the serum on your skin. Wash it off the next morning with cold or warm water.
  • Use all of one packet at a time.